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KOOSHOO Mini Round Hair Ties

KOOSHOO Mini Round Hair Ties

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Despite their size, KOOSHOO Mini Round Hair Ties pack a powerful punch. Handcrafted in Japan from organic Cotton and natural tree Rubber, these KOOSHOO Mini Round Hair Ties are twice as strong as other biodegradable ties. Zero waste, ethically made, and stylish with a range of colours to choose from, these petite ties are perfect for thin hair, baby braids, petite ponies, toddler tresses, and kids’ cuts. We've modernised the small silhouette to ensure it's soft, high performance, and gentle on the hair, the planet, and its people - while still being unmistakably KOOSHOO

Pack of 12

Made from 59% organic Cotton and 41% natural Rubber

Available in various colour options. Select your choice from the drop down menu

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• Great for thin hair, kids’ hair, braids, fun styles, you name it
• Made 100% from Plants
• Handcrafted from premium organic cotton and natural tree rubber
• Wide range of custom shades (to match your hair color or your mood)
• Over 2x stronger than your average hair tie
• Longer lasting for all-day (or all-night, all-workout) hold
• Gentle on hair
• Unisex
• Eco-friendly
• Made in Japan
• Vegan

Care instructions: Biodegradable materials are, by nature, capable of being broken down and returned to the soil - eventually. KOOSHOO products are created in a way that makes them durable, strong and high performance, but they’re still plant-based materials, which means they will wear down (just as intended) - but proper care can extend their life. To maximise longevity, avoid storing them in direct sunlight, stretching them while wet, or letting oils and hair products linger on them

Wash your KOOSHOO Hair Ties with like colours in cold water and lay flat to dry. Good as new! 

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