Our Story

“Vegans have long been misunderstood. Even today, many still believe that we’re a bunch of hessian-wearing, lettuce-munching, insufferable hippies. Not so!”

  • I’m Jannifer (with an ‘a’, you read it right!), and I’m a proud vegan. Born to progressive vegetarian parents, I instantly transitioned to vegan in my early twenties after educating myself on the dairy and egg industries and being shocked by what I found. Today, at 52 I remain a committed vegan in all aspects of my life – from what I eat and drink, through to what I wear and put on my skin.

    Totally unlike the outdated notion of the hessian-wearing-hippy-vegan, I’m Fabulous with a capital ‘F’. I’m a sucker for 70s and 80s punk rock, a good vegan vino, and a killer pair of high heels. But, when I went vegan over twenty years ago, being fabulous was hard. After donating all my leather, wool, and silk apparel, and throwing out my makeup and skincare, I was at a loss and found myself with literally nothing and very little choice when it came to purchasing new products. Today there are many options available, but just being free of animal products isn’t enough.

    As a vegan, animals are not the only beings I’m concerned about. I care deeply for our planet, and profoundly for my fellow human beings. And I want to support the niche businesses and artisans who share these values. The turning point for me was giving birth to my daughter Rose(bud), and later my second daughter Eve. My mission was no longer just about me, but about the next generation – embodied by my beautiful, innocent babies.

    As a mother, I embraced all that I am, and all that I want my daughters to be. Sure, we’re compassionate vegans – but we’re also sassy, strong, and feminine. And, we’re not alone. The world is changing, and there’s a growing movement of compassionate, strong women who really give a shit (yep, I said it!). We want to make conscious purchases that are positive, considerate, and beneficial for all involved. But we also want to look and feel our best.

    I believe we can have both which is why I created THE-V-SPOT.

So, what is The V-Spot?

THE-V-SPOT is an marketplace for the fashion conscious, offering the very best in ethical fashion (apparel, shoes, bags, and accessories) and clean beauty (makeup, skincare, and fragrance).

  • All of our products are proudly vegan and cruelty-free, ethically made, environmentally friendly, and supportive of small business and indie designers. Think: righteous meets remarkable!

    As for our name, if you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking, you’re right! It’s totally a play on ‘G spot’ because we think feeling good also means looking good. And us vegans are just as sassy and spicy as everyone else.

    I want the world to be a better place: for me, my daughters, and YOU. And I’m guessing, if you’re still reading this, so do you. Each product line, every brand is thoughtfully curated in-line with our values. Vegan or not, THE-V-SPOT is my gift to you.

    I hope you’ll join me on the journey.

    Love and hugs,

    Jannifer xoxo