• 1. Fill a shoebox with your old packaging

    Check the list below for items we accept for recycling and make sure the package is clean and dry.

  • 2. Post it to us

    Seal and ship your parcel to us. Include your name and email address inside your shoebox for discount code.

  • 3. Get your 20% discount code

    Once received, we'll send off your recycling to TerraCycle and email your 20% discount code for your next shop with us.

The V-Spot + TerraCycle

Feel like saving 20% off your next order with The V Spot? We've got your back. All you need to do is fill a shoebox-sized container with the packaging for all your beauty, fashion and lifestyle products that can't go in your kerbside recycling bin. Too easy!

The V-Spot has partnered with TerraCycle, an innovative recycling company that has become a global leader in recycling hard-to-recycle materials. We recycle them for you, using the TerraCycle Zero Waste Box™ solution. The products you send us will be shipped to TerraCycle where they are converted into plastic granules and then upcycled into new products such as outdoor furniture.

  • What packaging you can recycle

    • Beauty product packaging
    • Bottle tops and caps
    • Oral care packaging
    • Shampoo and conditioner bottles and caps
    • Hair gel tubes and caps
    • Hair spray bottles and triggers
    • Hair pastes plastic jars and caps
    • Lip balm and lip gloss tubes
    • Face soap dispensers and tubes
    • Lotion bottles, tubes, dispensers, and jars
    • Shaving foam tubes (no cans please)
    • Mascara tubes
    • Eye liner pencils and cases
    • Eye Shadow tubes
    • Concealer tubes and sticks
  • What we can't recycle

    • Aerosol cans
    • Perfume bottles
    • Nail polish bottles and nail polish remover bottles
    • Electronic items such as blow dryers and straighteners
    • Bio-medical or bio-hazardous waste or any contents of packaging such as nail-polish, lotion, soap, or ointments.

Let's get started

1. Prepare your old packaging

We are a tiny team, so before you send your shoebox to us, we respectfully ask the following criteria be met:

  • Can we recycle it? Be sure to read the information above to work out if we can recycle it for you. Please send only what we can recycle.
  • Make sure the package is clean and dry: Residue of beauty products in packaging means we can't recycle them. Be sure to give your empty packaging a clean before you post it to us. Don't post it if it's wet. Always ensure the empty packaging is dry before you box it up.
  • Categorise: We'd love it if you could do your best to ensure all items are separated into categories. This will help us better distribute for effective and efficient recycling.

2. Post to us

Post your box of recycling to us to receive 20% off your next order! Please be sure to include your name, email address and enough recycling to fill your shoe box.

Post to:
P.O. BOX 4238

3. Get your 20% discount code

Once we receive your box of products to recycle, we will send you an email with your unique 20% off discount code.