Collection: KOOSHOO

KOOSHOO is a consciously-operated small business creating plastic-free hair accessories. KOOSHOO is the creation of intrepid founders, Rachel and Jesse, that set out to make a small change that would have a big impact. Inspired by Rachel's birthplace, Norfolk Island (side note: one of our Founder's most loved destinations), designed in Canada (Jesse's connection) and ethically made in destinations such as India and Japan, they have established a principled business where they are accountable for the entire lifecycle of the product

Hair ties and accessories are a ubiquitous product for virtually every person on the planet! Creating plastic-free alternatives that are zero-waste friendly (biodegradable), made from renewable plant based materials, where ethical, fair pay and manufacturing conditions are standard is essentially genius! That the quality, style and performance are superior to the run-of-the-mill hair accessories is why we made the change to KOOSHOO and think you should, too! Think of it this way. Every other hair tie you've owned still exists!

The founders' current "home base" is Norfolk Island, an Australian territory located in the South Pacific. This remote and tiny island has an incredibly rich history with a population that lives sustainably. Because of their incomparable history and deep connection to their ancestry, Norfolk Islanders take great pride and responsibility in looking after their home and heritage. They speak a unique and special blend of 18th Century English and Tahitian. In the beautiful language of Norf'k, KOOSHOO means "feeling good"