Collection: Winter Wonders

Winter Wonders is a collection of gorgeous and functional skincare to give you a little extra TLC for these cooler months. As winter arrives to us in the Southern Hemisphere, the change in season can wreak havoc on our skin. Despite it being cold don't forget the sunscreen. The additional layer of SPF will help to protect skin from environmental damage and cumulative effects of UV exposure. Experiment with layering your moisturisers and serums to boost and protect your skin barrier. Hydrate with a good quality toner. And don't over exfoliate. Don't leave it out all together but choose a more gentle option and work in a longer massage with a makeup remover or oil cleanser to help with rough skin

Our founder has put together a short list of winter wonders from each of our beloved skincare brands to help your skin survive these cooler months. If you have any questions or skin concerns hit the "ChatWithUs" button to see how she can help

Winter Wonders