Collection: RAAW Alchemy

RAAW Alchemy is an award-winning,Β holistic beauty brand that began when founder, Trice had an allergic reaction to a high-end, conventional skincare brand. She began studying herbal medicine and the healing property of herbs and plants as practised in Eastern cultures to develop her own line of oil-based skincare that was good for skin, body, and environment. The collection is crafted with organic, sustainable, and wild-harvested ingredients and ocean botanicals. Simple, efficient, multi-purpose

- Oil-based beauty

- Natural and clean plant power

- Effective and result-driven beauty

RAAW's line has expanded to include a range of unisex fragrances that are luxurious, mysterious, and alluring. All scents represent an element of LA living which translate to beautiful climes all around the world

RAAW Alchemy - Fewer Steps. Long-term results. Bottled nature

RAAW Alchemy