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Random Crap Shopper by Blue Q

Random Crap Shopper by Blue Q

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In true Blue Q style, Random Crap Shopper by Blue Q makes a statement. Cute, controversial and convenient, these shopping bags are made from 95% post-consumer material. Whether it be a trip to the farmers market or the supermarket, these shoppers should be on you at all times, being both environmentally friendly and bringing joy to your fellow shoppers! Plus, Blue Q supports the conservation work of The Nature Conservancy by donating 1% of sales of these bags
Dimensions 38cm H x 40.5cm W x 15.25cm D
Blue Q Bags are woven from 95% post-consumer material. Used grain sacks are collected, cleaned, ground and melted into rolls of recycled plastic and woven into durable bag fabric. The fabric is then printed with Blue Q's snappy graphics which is then cut and sewn into bags of all shapes and sizes. Like all Blue Q products, their bags are manufactured in a facility monitored and recognised for employee care, product quality and environmental responsibility


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About Blue Q

Blue Q ‚Äď their mission is to make ‚ÄúLife-Improving. Joy-Bringing‚ÄĚ products that make you happy! For over 30 years, they‚Äôve been weaving cheeky, fun and inspirational products such as their legendary socks, kitchen gear, and super useful and environmentally friendly bags, pouches and coin purses.

A portion of the sale of socks is donated to Medecins Sans Frontieres; 1% all sales of kitchen products is invested in programs to feed the hungry; while sales of their bags, made from 95% PCW, help worldwide conservatory action groups. Not only are Blue Q committed to externally do-gooding, they are an equal opportunity, all-abilities employer, ensuring all manufacturing is produced with integrity and fairness to all workers. Damn, all of this makes us feel good!