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Olixa Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Olixa Rose Quartz Gua Sha

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Olixa Rose Quartz Gua Sha is an ancient beauty tool that originated in China. It is designed to stimulate micro-circulation, increase blood flow to the skin, and aid in lymphatic drainage. Historically, the tool was scraped across the skin to cause tissue damage in the belief this was beneficial. Thankfully, this is not our method or goal today!

A uniquely specific and well-thought-out shape, with curves and contours designed for the different areas of the face, coupled with the quality of the stone, Olixa Rose Quartz Gua Sha is an industry stand-out. Tone skin, firm and lift, smooth fine lines, and de-puff while enjoying a spa ritual at home. Use on face and entire body. The long flat edge is heavenly to use on the back and shoulders. Enlist the help of your special someone!

Due to the natural variation in the stone, every Olixa Rose Quartz Gua Sha tool is unique in colour, texture, and pattern and may differ from the images herein



100% Rose Quartz, hand carved and finished

How to use

Olixa has a number of informative videos through IGTV. Check them out here but we have suggested instructions below, and before too long you'll have your own routine!
Cleanse skin and apply facial oil. Start on one side of the face, applying 3-5 strokes per area

  • Neck - use the long flat edge starting from the base of the neck pulling upwards towards the jawline
  • Jawline - use the small round indents on the point of the tool, pulling along the jawline. Start at the chin and pull towards the ear
  • Cheeks - use the long flat edge and swipe the Gua Sha from nose to ear
  • Under-eye - use the small point of the Gua Sha, and press it flat under your eye. Work your way from inner to outer, and be gentle!
  • Brow - use the serrated edge and pull from inside to the outside of the brow
  • Forehead - use the serrated edge, holding the tool perpendicular to the skin. Rub the pointed edge vertically across any lines
  • Hairline and Scalp - use the serrated edge and comb through the hairline
  • Finish your session by using the long flat edge down the neck, starting under the ears to encourage lymphatic drainage
  • Always clean your tool before and after use with a mild cleanser
  • Use a facial oil or serum to maintain slip on the skin. You don't want the tool to drag or catch the skin
  • Use a pulling rather than pushing motion
  • Enjoy the sensation and self-care ritual of this gorgeous tool!


Packaged in a recyclable gift and storage box

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About Olixa

Olixa Beauty is a clean beauty brand inspired by adventure, wanderlust, and nature. Celebrating rare botanical oils and extracts treasured by indigenous cultures for their natural beauty and potency, they are a small-batch, British-based (ex-pat Aussie) producer of clean skincare that is free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, animal-derived ingredients, and gluten.

Olixa is powered by plants, innovation, and sustainability. Their range is a capsule collection of multi-tasking powerhouses that are skin-enhancing from the very first application. They work with local suppliers to source the star ingredients which support these communities and their local environment. All products are under 100ml making them travel-friendly!