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"Danika" Top

"Danika" Top

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Bamboo Spandex Jersey halter top with a front cascade detail made from salvaged fabric waste. Each front detail will differ slightly based on salvaged fabric pieces.

Designed and produced ethically in Cape Cod, USA.

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About Devinto

Ethically minded clothing brand, Devinto, has a noir vintage feel to its designs. Glam, edgy, and supremely feminine, their styles are luxurious to wear and easy to care for. Its designs are equally focused on glamour, comfort, and fair principles. Devinto believes that fashion without environmental costs is the best mode of self-expression. Every piece is made to order to minimise waste and over-production.

The designer, Aiste, portrays a sense of dichotomy with each design: elegance can be rebellious, simplicity can be bold, and a sombre mood can bring a sense of comfort.