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Canopy Verde Smith Wallet Coral Red

Canopy Verde Smith Wallet Coral Red

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Canopy Verde Smith Wallet is a no-fuss, minimalist wallet, card case or Opal Card carrier! Simplistic in design, this cutie does what it's meant to do. Stash some cash, business cards, key cards or any other card you need for either a quick trip out or to keep essential cards in one easy place within your larger wallet or bag. Mini envelope design where you tuck the flap to secure.

Features a cute embossed leaf logo and crafted with certified organic cotton, supple vegan leather and eco-friendly dyes. Plus, Canopy Verde’s signature Sunset Orange interior adds an element of fun which will have you smiling every time you reach inside! Canopy Verde Smith Wallet Coral Red is a handy addition to your escapades and is available in 4 other colours so you can mix and match with your other Canopy Verde beauties!

Dimensions: 11.5cm W x 8.25cm H

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About Canopy Verde

The design process focuses on waste minimisation by creating patterns that generate the least amount of fabric waste, which in turn is used for prototypes to avoid ending up in landfill.