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Axiology Balmies Super Fan Pack

Axiology Balmies Super Fan Pack

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Limited edition set

Crayon size: 3.4g each x 14

Axiology Balmies Super Fan Pack is the full Balmie collection of wear anywhere, zero-waste colour crayons. These 14 plastic-free crayons are seriously planet-friendly and hydrate like lip balm. Delivering a dose of natural colour where you want, these cute-as-button crayons nourish, heal and hydrate with delicious oils, butters and antioxidants.

An ingredient deck you can pronounce and count on two hands, Axiology Balmies Super Fan Pack is wrapped in recycled paper and rests in a recycled carrying case. No lids, tubes, and other earth-filling packaging!

This pack includes ALL 14 Singles Balmies! From Icy Cool shimmers to warm, vibrant hues this is the ultimate gift pack offering huge savings from buying them individually.

Packaged in recyclable paper sleeve and carry case (repurposed trash made by a Bali Women's Co-operative).

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About Axiology

Axiology Evil Free Lipstick, lip colour products crafted from delicious elements. Their range of all natural lipsticks and lip crayons feel divine on your lips and taste great - only 10 and no questionable ingredients!  Its extensive colour palette ensures there is an Axiology shade to suit everyone, day or night. Boasting long-lasting colour, sustainable packaging, ethical practices and 100% Vegan ingredients, Axiology is an affordable, everyday luxury

And introduced into Australia by The V Spot is their revolutionary Lip-to-Lid Balmie's. Zero waste, multi-use, evil free colour crayons that you can wear anywhere. Available in singles or trio collections these little cuties are the darling of the colour set!