Collection: Votch

Votch Watch was born when its founder, Laura was struck down with a skin condition that made her skin fall off! While recovering she discovered documentaries on animal welfare including the leather industry. After losing her own skin she vowed no animal had to suffer for fashion and would never wear another animals skin. The light bulb moment came when she needed to replace her watch band. Voila, Votch was born!

The brands' values are simple - you don't need to be cruel to be cool! All their watches are ROHS and REACH compliant, and the faux leather they use has the following benefits:

✓ PVC-Free ✓ No plasticisers ✓ Phthalate-free ✓ Passes CAL 01350, low VOC emissions ✓ No added antimicrobial chemicals ✓ PFC-Free ✓ No flame retardants ✓ Bromine-free ✓ No heavy metals ✓ Includes recycled and renewable content ✓ And of course: Animal friendly