Collection: Nanshy

Nanshy Official's renowned range of cosmetic brushes are high-quality and professional-grade making it easy for you to achieve a natural and flawless look with powder, liquid, gel, and cream applications. The luxurious, anti-bacterial and cruelty-free bristles are flexible, durable, and don’t lose their shape. They are soft yet firm and remain uniform throughout the lifetime of the brush. And cleaning and maintenance of your brushes is a breeze

The ultra-soft but firm synthetic bristles are housed in a robust, Brass ferrule that prevents bristle shedding 

  • Bristles are Vegan-approved Taklon bristles. They are non-porous and do not absorb too much product which transfers fewer bacteria and dead skin cells. Make sure to regularly clean your brushes to keep your skin tip-top!
  • The brass ferrule is bend and scratch-resistant and engraved with Nanshy’s logo to guarantee the authenticity