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Don't poison your pits! Check out our great range of effective, natural Vegan Deodorant. We're confident you'll find a natural deo for your body. Have a question? Chat to our founder, Jannifer, by clicking the 'Chat' icon bottom right 

Vegan Deodorant We Know You'll Love

Natural deodorants have gained popularity in the last decade and remain one of our biggest sellers - month in, month out. And for good reason. Where conventional anti-perspirants and deodorants contain potentially harmful ingredients that disrupt normal bodily functions, natural deodorants are gentle, efficacious, and available in a type for every body

Awareness is important but so is an effective product to support what your body needs and wants. We have a terrific and large collection of effective deo's - from fragrance-free, essential oil free, and baking soda free to delicately scented options in both creams and zero-waste sticks

Each brand and product is chosen meticulously based on our non-negotiable values of vegan, cruelty-free, truly clean, and responsibly made, coupled with being effective for most bodies. Why? For one simple reason - so that we are confident that you will love your new makeup purchase. Learn more about our procurement process here

Global Vegan Deodorant, Stock in Australia

We scour the world for the very best indie products that are vegan, ethical and sustainable and warehouse them locally so that you can get them delivered to your door in Australia without having to pay exorbitant shipping fees

Coconut Matter range of Natural Deodorants