NOTO Botanics

Minimalist | Multi-Use | All Natural | Uni-sexy

NOTO Botanics was created by makeup artist Gloria Noto to demonstrate that self care can be kind to you and the environment. A minimalist collection of all-natural, multi-use, and uni-sexy skincare and makeup that show there is power in simplicity. Especially when it comes straight from the Earth. With her extensive background in the makeup industry, Gloria knows all too well the chemical cocktails that are found in most conventional products. 

NOTO was developed to reflect change she wanted to see overall and believe that is needed individually. She crafts her range with the best potent, yet simple attributes coming from nature’s oils and herbs that synergistically work with your chemistry to deliver real results….in and out. Each product is multi-tasking, unisex and a delight to skin and senses. NOTO also believe in giving back and select a worthy cause or organisation to donate to monthly.

Why we're in love!

♥ Cruelty-free, vegan, clean and green
‚ô• Multi-use
‚ô• Unisex / uni-sexy!

‚ô• Minimalist ingredients
‚ô• Divine for both skin and senses
♥ Supremely effective with visible results
‚ô• Super concentrated - a little goes a long way!
♥ Standout collection of skincare and makeup
‚ô• Striking packaging
‚ô• Suitable for all skin types

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