LUXE Botanics


Green Innovation | Global Ingredients | Giving Back

You’ll love the latest addition to our suite of the ultimate in Clean Beauty brands from Australia and around the world. LUXE Botanics is a conscious brand of high-quality, high-performance, results-driven skincare powered by advanced green chemistry - proving that nature is the greatest innovator ever!

LUXE Botanics was founded by Jené Roestorf, a South African biological scientist.

Jené’s unique combination of scientific expertise, deep comprehension of nature’s healing abilities, and her passion for socially conscious innovation led her to create a natural skincare line that combines ethically sourced botanical oils and leading edge green chemistry.

Origin: Made in the USA with South African roots

Why we're in love!

♥ Green Innovation

♥ Global Ingredients

♥ Giving Back

Check our some of our faves so far

All LUXE Botanics products are available in deluxe mini’s and full-sized bottles. Pricing listed below is for the deluxe mini’s.

MARULA Hydrating line

Known as nature’s age-defying, overachiever (Kenya).

💫 Ideal for normal, combination, dry, premature ageing, mature skin


Sold out

CAMU Brightening line

Amazonian super fruit bursting with Vitamin C.

💫 Ideal for normal, combination, dehydrated, dull, lacklustre, sun-damaged, premature ageing

Sold out

KIGELIA Corrective line

Gentle yet potent Kigelia Africana restores and renews.

💫 ideal for normal, combination, oily, sensitive, blemish-prime, post-treatment

Sold out
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