Alexandra K Vegan Handbags

Alexandra K Vegan Handbags

Alexandra K has a passion for creating vegan and cruelty-free high fashion. Manufactured in their local workshop in Poland, Alexandra K Vegan Handbags are handmade by a traditional leather craftsman from beginning to end using old school sewing techniques.

Uncompromising on materials, Alexandra K selects fabrics for their quality, sustainability and innovation, and uses only high-quality hardware and non-toxic, plant based glues. Simple, elegant and functional, with discriminating attention to detail and quality construction, 2 years warranty and each bag branded with its own serial number, Alexandra K shows that ethical and sustainable high-end fashion is the future.

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Why we're in love with Alexandra K Vegan Handbags

♥ High-end, sustainable fashion
♥ Quality construction 

♥ Innovative ecological fabrics

♥ Function and form

♥ 2 year warranty

♥ Unique serial number

♥ Handmade by handbag artisans
♥ European luxury
♥ Timeless style
PETA, Fur Free Retailer, Humane Society International certified

Alexandra K Vegan Handbags

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