5 quintessential Autumn foods for your skin and scalp by Meow Meow Tweet

5 quintessential Autumn foods for your skin and scalp by Meow Meow Tweet

Tara Pelletier is the co-founder of Meow Meow Tweet, a small-batch skin care company that creates vegan products with pure, all natural and organic ingredients. The company develops all of its goods as if they were for modern culinary dishes, from the sourcing of ingredients to the beautifully scented, healthful and efficacious final products.

Meow Meow Tweet are a perennial favourite of ours (and yours) and we are honoured to have Tara share her extensive knowledge here with us.

1. Rosemary

Not just your potato's best friend, this fresh and woody herb promotes hair growth and stimulates blood circulation. The fragrant oils in the rosemary leaf also dissolve excess and clogging sebum in hair follicles to balance oil production without over-drying. Make your own herbal tea hair rinse with fresh rosemary or apply hair oil with the essential oil.

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2. Pumpkin

Packed with vitamins and minerals that promote healthy glowing skin and hair, eating pumpkin will help from the inside out. And while you're making your pumpkin soup or muffins, hold onto a couple spoonfuls of the puree as a facial mask. The flesh has fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids that dissolve dry skin. It’s also gentle enough for sensitive and acne prone skin.

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3. Rose Hips

Autumn’s most delicious and under-appreciated fruit, this small red bead appears after the rose's bloom dies away. The fruit's flesh is packed with Vitamin C; when eaten it has the benefit of fighting off free radical damage to strengthen your immune system and prevent signs of ageing skin. Inside the fruit are antioxidant and omega-rich seeds, that yield a beautiful and penetrating oil that is a hero for sun-damaged and mature skin.

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4. Apples

No longer a DIY'ers best kept beauty secret, raw apple cider vinegar is the perfect tonic for skin and scalp when consumed and used topically. Internally, the vinegar neutralises your body chemistry and it has the same effect when applied to skin. It will balance oil production and clear and tone pores. The presence of malic acid makes it is a potent antibacterial and antiviral. Use it neat on blemishes or as a dandruff treatment. Give your face a gentle exfoliation with the naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids by mixing a spoonful with your favourite face mask.

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5. Carrot

Kids everywhere are eating carrots for eyesight, but the same nutrients in this bright root will yield beautiful skin and hair too. Carrots are chock full of beta-carotene that is converted to Vitamin A in the body, which strengthens and thickens hair. It is also rich in Vitamin C, essential for collagen production that is your skin's structural support and improves elasticity as it matures. A carrot a day is a delicious way to take advantage of this vibrant vegetable.
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