Magnificent Men - 2017 Christmas Vegan and Ethical Gift Guide

Magnificent Men - 2017 Christmas Vegan and Ethical Gift Guide

Whether or not buying ethical is top of mind for your fella, this striking collection is sure to hit the spot.

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Fresh Fashion

Fashion that is kind to our planet, our people and animals is the way of the future. Get your men to say no to Fast Fashion!

  • Our Hoody's range is 100% Organic Cotton, 100% Fair and 150% Yeah!
  • Add a pair of Jeans to his wardrobe that are an Organic Cotton and Spandex blend, with a cork back patch. Sizes range from 30 to 36" waist and various lengths
  • Wasteland Boot in Mahogany is a modern twist on the Desert Boot. Constructed with Italian Hi-tech Micro-fibre that is 100% vegan, supple, durable, and weather-resistant – superior in every way to animal leather
  • Complete the outfit with a Michelle Leon Vegan belt composed from 100% recycled materials. The result is a faux ultra-suede that is virtually indestructible. Choose from Black or Brown belt straps, square or oval Silver or Brass buckles, or exquisite animal buckles

Don’t forget that we offer free return exchange shipping on clothing and shoes so you can shop with confidence!

Socks he will actually want!

From lovable to lewd, we've got the socks to suit your man! Umm....language warning!

And our biggest seller month in and month out, This Meeting Is Bullshit
Pair these socks with the matching This Meeting Is Bullshit Jumbo Pouch so he really shows everyone how he feels!


No-nonsense, shockproof, waterproof bags and wallets. All cruelty-free, environmentally friendly and sweatshop free.


We love that our men are serious about their grooming. From skincare to fragrance to makeup here are our top choices.

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Vegan ✔️ Eco ✔️ Ethical ✔️ Fabulous ✔️

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