Lavender Beauty Drops by SkinOwl


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Simply 2 ingredients. Organic Argan and Lavender Oils meticulously blended to combat inflammation, acne and redness with visible results overnight. For oily and sensitive skin types


Where Skincare Becomes Selfcare


**SkinOwl are re-branding so you save 60% on current stock! Formula’s remain the same**

Lavender Beauty Drops by SkinOwl are formulated for oily and sensitive skin types. Made with only 2 ingredients – raw, organic, unrefined Argan Oil and organic Lavender Oil – this is pure, wholesome and incredibly high performing skincare. Don’t let the minimalist ingredients deter you. Nature’s essence is captured within these drops to effectively combat inflammation, acne and redness leaving skin looking calm, clear and healed. Lavender Beauty Drops by SkinOwl smell delicious, feel wonderful to apply, and results are truly fast-acting

How to use:

After cleansing face with Tomato Beauty Bar dispense 5-7 drops onto clean fingertips. Warm between fingers then press lightly onto skin. For use morning and night. We suggest 5 drops during the day and 7 drops for overnight

Packaged in glass and recyclable materials

Bottle Size 60ml (Full size. Medium size 30ml. Travel size 15ml)

SkinOwl was created by a longtime sufferer of severe acne and eczema. After realising her skin issues were not improving because of the questionable ingredients found in conventional skincare, Annie Tevelin set about creating SkinOwl. The aim was to provide skincare that smelled good, felt good, and most importantly gave the user results that could be seen overnight


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