Meow Meow Tweet Unscented Deodorant Cream


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The new go-to deo for those with the most sensitive of skin and noses…or who want a bespoke deo cream that lets you smell your way!

Meow Meow Tweet

Vegan + Pure + Crafted by Hand

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Don’t poison your pits! If you suffer from sensitivity to Baking Soda, Fragrance and Essential Oils, Meow Meow Tweet Unscented Deodorant Cream is the version for you. This underarm deodorant cream is natural, safe and effective, perfect for those with sensitive skin and noses! Dietary Magnesium and Arrowroot Powder help control moisture, while nourishing plant oils and butters soothe and condition. Meow Meow Tweet Unscented Deodorant Cream Baking Soda Free is suitable for pregnant and nursing mama’s!

Of course, if you have a signature scent or favourite essential oil, you can tailor this deo to make you smell how you want to smell. You’re in total control! See below for how to scent your deo

How to use:

Scoop a small amount of cream with clean fingertips and apply a thin layer to your pits. A little goes a long way so no need to go OTT!

To scent your deodorant remove all cream from jar into a clean bowl. Add 10-20 drops of your favourite essential oil/s and smoosh with a fork or back of spoon so the oil mixes in fully with the cream. Scoop your freshly scented bespoke deodorant cream back into jar and et voila, you’re ready to smell your way!

Note, as this cream doesn’t contain unnecessary hardeners or waxes, temperature may change the consistency. If it separates mix and pop it in the fridge until it hardens

Also available in Lavender and Grapefruit

Packaged in glass and a planet-playing snake!

Jar Size 68g

Meow Meow Tweet is a small-batch skin care company that creates vegan products with pure, all natural and organic ingredients. The company develops all of its goods as if they were for modern culinary dishes, from the sourcing of ingredients to the beautifully scented, healthful and efficacious final products. Made with spirit!

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