grums Raw Coffee Body Scrub


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Renew skin with this effective yet gentle body scrub made from recycled, organic coffee grounds. Suitable for normal to dry skin

grums Aarhus

Raw Coffee Skincare

Made in Denmark

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grums Raw Coffee Body Scrub is made with a blend of recycled organic, drip-brewed coffee grounds that effectively yet gently exfoliate skin. 100% free of parabens, perfumes and colourants this all natural scrub leaves skin clean, soft nourished and protected. Buff away dead skin cells, stimulate blood circulation and improve your skins ability to absorb body oils/lotions. Skin is invigorated and so are your senses. Who says coffee is just for drinking?

Did you know that when coffee is brewed less than 1% of the nutrients end up in your coffee? More than 99% off coffee’s good stuff is wasted. But not now thanks to grums Raw Coffee Body Scrub! Protect and bolster the natural defence of your skin with recycled organic coffee grounds and achieve a refreshed glow, attain firmness and elasticity, eliminate redness and irritation and enhance circulation. Now, that’s how we like to take our coffee!

How to use:

With clean hands scoop scrub from container and massage over body. Rub into skin using circular motions, enjoying a good skin rub and the benefits from increased circulation. You can rinse with warm water immediately, or leave on skin for 5 minutes to nourish dry, flaky bits. Use morning or night, 1-2 times per week. Avoid rinsing off with any type of soap as this will strip the beneficial, nourishing oils and dry out skin. Suitable for regular and dry skin

Packaged in Green Plastic – Sugar Cane based packaging which is 100% recyclable

Tub Size 200ml

grums Aarhus is a Danish skincare company founded by 3 men who wanted to turn a waste product into a high-end and sustainable skincare line. They believed that skincare could be both luxurious and thoughtful without compromise! They collect coffee grounds from local shops, cafes and restaurants in Aarhus, Denmark after which they dry, sort and blend with only natural, high-quality ingredients. Using sugar cane based packaging, which is 100% recyclable, ensures grums stand out as a true force in clean beauty


Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil ⓝⓥ (Sunflower Seed Oil) – moisturising, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant rich

Coffea Arabica/Robusta Seed Powder ⓝⓞⓥ (Coffee Powder from Arabica Coffee Beans) – Softening, moisturising, soothing. Rich in caffeine, antioxidants, fatty acids. Fights free radicals, mild and effective exfoliator and an eco-friendly and safe alternative to micro beads

Glycerin ⓝⓥ – Hydrating and creates a protective barrier to help keep the bad stuff out!

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride ⓝⓥ (Coconut Oil) – An emollient and emulsifier that aids in moisture loss and binds together the ingredients

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil ⓝⓥ (Sweet Almond Oil) – Rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants, fatty acids and other vitamins and minerals. Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil are many! Moisturising, protecting, softening. Helps to clean and prevent blackheads. Aids in reducing fine lines. Relieves pain from rash and sunburn

Aqua ⓝⓥ (Water)

Sucrose Laurate ⓝⓥ

Sucrose Stearate ⓝⓥ

Sucrose Palmitate ⓝⓥ

Glyceryl Caprylate ⓝⓥ

ⓝ = Natural ⓞ = Organic ⓥ = Vegan ⓢ = Synthetic

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