Necessities Collection Makeup Brush Set by Nanshy


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100% Vegan, Cruelty Free, Assembled by Hand

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Necessities Collection Makeup Brush Set by Nanshy is a selection of nine essential brushes for face, cheeks, crease, eyebrows, eyes, lash and lips. Application is for blending, contouring, highlighting, lining, separating, and shading. Perfect for all types of makeup powders, creams and liquids, the vegan, cruelty-free bristles are super soft that feel amazing on the skin. The handles of this polished set are Beechwood with an exclusively carved flat surface making them easy to hold and stopping them from rolling off your surface. The collection includes nine brushes and a faux-leather cosmetic bag spacious enough to fit your brushes and makeup!

XI (Number 11) – Spoolie
XII (Number 12) – Brow
XIII (Number 13) – Eyeshadow, Crease
XIV (Number 14) – Eyeshadow, Shader
XV (Number 15) – Eyeshadow, Setting
XVI (Number 16) – Contouring, Highlighting
XVII (Number 17) – Blusher, Foundation
XVIII (Number 18) – Bronzer, Blusher
XIX (Number 19) – Powder Bronzer

Nanshy’s renowned range of cosmetic brushes are high-quality and professional-grade making it easy for you to achieve a natural and flawless look with powder, liquid and cream applications. The luxurious, anti-bacterial and cruelty-free bristles are flexible, durable and don’t lose their shape. They are soft yet firm and remain uniformed throughout the lifetime of the brush. And cleaning and maintenance of your brushes is a breeze

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