Masterful Collection Pearlescent White Makeup Brush Set


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100% Vegan, Cruelty Free, Assembled by Hand

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Nanshy’s renowned range of cosmetic brushes are high-quality and professional-grade making it easy for you to achieve a natural and flawless look with powder, liquid and cream applications. The luxurious, anti-bacterial and cruelty-free bristles are flexible, durable and don’t lose their shape. They are soft yet firm and remain uniformed throughout the lifetime of the brush. And cleaning and maintenance of your brushes is a breeze

The Masterful Collection includes twelve essential makeup brushes to create your complete look. For face, cheeks, eyebrows, eyes, and lips, this set is for application, blending, contouring, highlighting, lining, separating, and shading. Perfect for all types of makeup powders, creams and liquids. Includes:

Powder – For a faultless base, the Powder brush evenly applies powder and mineral foundations for high-definition results

Blush – A dome shaped brush for controlled, even application and highlighting of your cheeks

Stippling – With a flat top round head, this brush is perfect for lightweight applications of foundation. Unlike other brushes this duo-fibre is made of synthetic only bristles that are made up of two lengths. Buff and stipple liquid, cream and of course powder product for a high-definition finish. (Pro tip: Dip the white tip of your brush into liquid foundation and gently tap onto your skin. You’ve just “stippled”. Continue using this technique all over face for the perfect finish)

Contouring – Achieve perfect contouring, highlighting and shading with this slanted shape brush that fits the curves of your cheekbone

Foundation – An angled cut brush for precise application of your powder, liquid base or primer. Also perfect for getting into those hard to reach areas like nose, eyes and creases

Shader – Essential for shading and blending in your eye shadow

Blending – The dome-shape allows for easy blending and shading of eye shadows on lids or crease

Crease – Precisely applies and blends eye shadow into your crease for added depth and effect

Pencil – The Pencil makeup brush emphasises every corner of your eye. Smudge your favourite pencil liner onto lower and upper lash lines, shade with precision, cover up and smooth edges

Angled Detailer – For use on eyes and lips, hard to reach areas are easily handled with the Angled Detailer

Liner – The Eyeliner brush with its thin taper is precise and will help you to achieve high definition and accurate line

Lip – Whatever your product, this brush with its precise head will help you apply your favourite lip product

Also available in Onyx Black


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