Rooted Roller by NOTO Botanics


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Multi-use, uni-sexy fragrance oil and nourishing hair treatment

NOTO Botanics

Multi-Use | All Natural | Uni-Sexy

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Rooted Roller by NOTO BotanicsĀ is a uni-sexy scent for skin and hair. A seductive collection of lush botanical essential oils, the scent is deep yet subtle with undertones of smoke, wood, and earth and hints of Bergamot and Cardamom. Perfect as a hair nourisher due to its base of Argan Oil

How to use:

Multi-use product as a nourishing hair treatment and body scent. Use as a grounding, calming fragrance by rolling on areas such as under arms, wrists, nape of neck and temples. Apply on roots or ends of hair, or use as a beard oil

Also available in 59ml full size

Packaged in glass roller-ball bottle

Bottle Size 10ml

NOTO Botanics was created by makeup artist Gloria Noto to demonstrate that self care can be kind to you and the environment. A minimalist collection of all-natural, multi-use, and uni-sexy products that show there is power in simplicity. Especially when it comes straight from the Earth. With her extensive background in the makeup industry, Gloria knows all too well the chemical cocktails that are found in most conventional products. NOTO Botanics was developed to reflect change she wanted to see overall and believe that is needed individually. She crafts her range with the best potent, yet simple attributes coming from nature’s oils and herbs that synergistically work with your chemistry to deliver real results….in and out

Ingredients / Additional Information


Palo Santo – natural purifier, concentration, grounding, mood lifter
Somalian Frankincense – antiseptic, healing, anti-ageing, protection
Haitian Vetiver – calming, cooling, grounding, centering
Madagascar Black Pepper – sensuality, mind stimulating and clearing
Cedarwood – toxin remover, soothing, optimism enhancing
Labdanum Absolute – mind calming, anti-ageing, grounding
Fractioned Coconut oil – nourishing, hydrating
Cardamom – aphrodisiac, uplifting, antiseptic, camphorous
Fir – antiseptic, soothing
Birch Tar – astringent, comforting, relaxing
Bergamot- antiseptic, antidepressant, disinfectant
Argan Oil – high in vitamin A and E, nourishing, anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory

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