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Q&A with Nude and Noir Cosmetics

 Meet Ashley

Nude and Noir Cosmetics prove that an eco-conscious, quality cosmetic line is possible. Formulated by Ashley, a professional MUA, the mission is to infuse high-fashion artistry with nature creating the best products with the least negative impact on the environment and you! Their collection of multi-use face palettes will withstand harsh conditions on photoshoots and bright lights on the red carpet (if you’re ever lucky to attend such an event!). They are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and infused with nurturing plant-based oils, waxes, butters and extracts. They avoid all questionable cosmetic ingredients (known as their “Naughty List”) which you can find here. We were lucky enough to sit down with Ashley and gain an insight into the glamorous world that is Nude and Noir.

Please tell us a little about yourself and your N&N journey

My husband Hartley and I created Nude & Noir as a fashion forward, eco-conscious, vegan and cruelty free cosmetic line.  We started working on it 5 years ago and officially launched April 1st, 2017. I’ve worked as a makeup artist in the fashion and celebrity world for 16 years and Hartley has been a model for the past 20 years. We are both very health conscious and were continuously frustrated with the level of toxicity in the fashion industry. With our combined knowledge of cosmetics, branding, and marketing along with our contacts we’ve made along the years (photographers, models, editors, etc), we knew this was a natural path for us to follow.

What was your starting point for N&N?

We started out by looking through both clean beauty products currently on the market and mass-produced, “toxic” counterparts. Our goal was to create something that was not currently available in the clean beauty retail environment. We know that a multi-use face palette sells very well, but there were none in our niche. We created our first four palettes by combing through fashion editorials and red carpet looks we loved. We then broke down the colours used to create those looks and we found our favourite four!! Additionally, it was important for our palettes to not contain skin tone colours such as foundation or concealer so that it would be a great product for all skin tones.

How long did it take to get N&N from concept to market?

Three and a half years!  t went from being a dream/fantasy, to something we considered seriously. Once we decided what we wanted, the research and development was very intense. It included meeting with multiple manufactures and then moving on to formula testing, colour testing, stability and compatibility testing, etc. We also combed through each ingredient to ensure it complied with our beliefs. We were determined not to budge on creating a fashion forward, clean beauty collection that was vegan and cruelty free. We made sure in production that our compacts were BPA free and recyclable. Then we worked on printing our boxes with recycled paper and using Renewable Energy Credits sourced from wind power facilities.  There were a lot of pieces to the puzzle from concept to market for sure.

What has been the highlight of N&N to date?

We’ve had many highlights that have made us very proud. Our first highlight was simply receiving all of our compacts to our warehouse! All of the work and planning seemed to never end and when they arrived, we were so excited to finally have our babies in hand! Every first is a highlight: our first order, our first blogger, our first our first magazine article, etc. When Modern Luxury approached us in Los Angeles to feature us in their Power Couples of LA issue, we were over the moon! Now our highlight is our fifth product!  It is hard to start a cosmetic line, but it is a true highlight to grow our brand larger.  If we can grow and grow and get our message out we will feel fulfilled.

What are your top makeup tips (or makeup no-no’s!)?

1. Makeup shouldn’t be used to hide you or change you into someone else. It should be used to highlight your beauty and as a form of your self-expression
2. More is not more
3. A signature look isn’t just for celebrities. Are you known to always have a pop of colour on your lips? Is glowing skin your trademark?
4. If you’ve had a signature look for more than five years, just re-evaluate to see if you need any slight adjustments to keep up with the times. If it still works then keep working it!
5. No amount of makeup can replace self-confidence. No amount of makeup can hide a bad attitude

The Nude and Noir palettes are a makeup bag essential. We love, love, LOVE multi-taskers and anything that makes it easier to look good on the go! And we’d love to give one lucky V-Spotter the chance to win N&N’s latest lip and cheek colour palette, Kiss My Cheek valued at $65.99. 

Head on over to our next post, complete your details as instructed and sign up to our newsletter. Competition is open to Australian and New Zealand residents only, and entries will be accepted up until June 7. Entries beyond this date will not be included. Winner will be chosen randomly and advised by email June 11. Good luck!

Vegan ✔️ Eco ✔️ Ethical ✔️ Fabulous ✔️

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