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Saba Organics Hand Sanitiser Scent Free

Saba Organics Hand Sanitiser Scent Free

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**New packaging coming so save while stocks last!**

We've been using the Saba Organics range of hand sanitisers for some time now. Because we loved the product so much we decided to stock these in our store to share with you! Saba Organics Hand Sanitiser Scent Free is certified organic and free of harmful chemicals. Formulated with natural ingredients proven to kill germs, Saba Organics Hand Sanitiser Scent Free is non-drying, soft on hands and gentle for the whole family to use. Laboratory tested to kill 99.9% of germs this ethanol-based spray contains 70%+ alcohol, is antibacterial and antimicrobial. As the name suggests this formula is free of scent (no essential oils) so suitable for sensitive noses, sensitive skin, and the youngest in your household
We love the handy, travel-friendly 50ml bottle size. Perfect to carry in your bag, store in your car's glove box, easily accessible on your desk, sit on your kitchen sink...anywhere you need it!

Also available in Lavender and (our favourite) Rose & Kakadu Plum

Saba Organics is a family-run business, Australian made and owned, who have over 50 years of expertise. Their location, at the base of the Macedon Ranges in Victoria (most famous for the iconic Hanging Rock), inspire their dedication in making certified organic products that feel and smell great to use, and with minimal, negative impact on skin and planet. They are on a mission to make certified organic products affordable and accessible. Knowing that skin is like a sponge, they commit to toxin-free products with Love Inspire Family Earth (L.I.F.E.) as their focus. They boast clean beauty credentials: certified organic, ethically sourced, vegan, against animal testing, paraben and sulfate free

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