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RAAW by Trice

Blackened Santal Eau de Parfum by Raaw by Trice

Blackened Santal Eau de Parfum by Raaw by Trice

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Blackened Santal Eau de Parfum by Raaw by Trice is a seductive fragrance crafted with precious oils and organic cane-derived alcohol. Blended to perfection this unisex scent has a layered depth that lingers sensually on the skin. Haunting and intoxicating Sandalwood and Cedar Wood is spiced with Cardamom and fused with dark Vanilla. While hints of Violet and Iris lift this tempting fragrance to its sublime finish
Formulated with natural and certified organic ingredients
Also available Blackened Santal Perfume Oil and Blackened Santal Candle

How to use:

Lightly mist on pulse points such as inside of wrist and nape of neck to enjoy lasting fragrance. Please note the bulb pump is mainly for decorative purposes. When travelling use the regular pump and cap

Packaged in glass and recyclable materials
Bottle Size 60ml (Sample size 1ml also available)
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About RAAW by Trice

RAAW by Trice is a holistic beauty brand that began when founder, Trice had an allergic reaction to a high-end, conventional skincare brand. She began studying herbal medicine and the healing property of herbs and plants as practised in Eastern cultures to develop her own line of oil-based skincare that was good for skin, body, and environment. The collection is crafted with organic, sustainable, and wild-harvested ingredients and ocean botanicals

RAAW's line has expanded to include a range of unisex fragrances that are high-end, mysterious, and alluring. All scents represent an element of LA living which translate to beautiful climes all around the world

RAAW by Trice - Fewer Steps. Long-term results