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How ethical is your makeup bag?

By 10/05/2017 Blog, Featured, Homepage, News

Grab your makeup bag and shake out the contents. What brands are you seeing? If you have any of the big makeup brands – read on!

A recent published report by Ethical Consumer magazine scored makeup brands based on how they perform on factors such as:

  • Animal testing
  • Workers’ rights
  • Environmental policies

Here’s a snapshot.

How ethical is your make-up bag_ (1)So generally a woeful scorecard for the big brands.

Some reasons they failed the tests were:

  • Although a makeup brand may not conduct tests on animals, they are owned by a larger company that allows animal testing
  • They may boast a good ethical footprint of their own, but their parent company has questionable ethical standards
  • Not signing up to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil
  • Using plantations that Amnesty International found to have a ‘wide range of abuses’ including child labour and exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Cosmetics that are sold in China are tested on animals as legislated by Chinese regulation
  • The use of Microbeads in their products – a “toxic time bomb” for our already fragile marine eco-systems

So what can you do?

Go ethical to make a difference to you and the planet!

The good news is we’ve made going ethical easy for you as all THE-V-SPOT products are personally vetted and selected to be in line with our values: Vegan, Eco and Ethical. Our products are:

  • Never, ever tested on animals. EVER!
  • A collection of brands that can clearly demonstrate safe and fair working practices across their whole supply chain
  • Companies who source their ingredients with integrity ensuring they are both sustainable and fair
  • Genuinely clean beauty brands who are not out to “greenwash”
  • Fully transparent in their ingredients and labelling
  • Selected on their true natural status. We avoid products that contain toxins, cheap fillers, chemicals, and other questionable ingredients
  • From skilled artisans who mostly handcraft their own product

And the best thing is that the ethical, Vegan and natural world of cosmetics is extensive – so you won’t miss out on anything. Far from it! You will benefit from a world of beautiful, truly clean beauty.

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P.S. Don’t forget to start your own THE-V-SPOT Wish List to share with your loved ones. Make it easy for them to buy for you, and show them an ethical lifestyle can be for everyone!

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